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The Governing Body of SETU has been established in accordance with the  provisions of the Technological Universities Act 2018 as amended by the Higher Education Act 2022 (TU Act 2018) and its functions are as identified in the Act. 

Governing Body members

  • Professor Patrick Prendergast - Chairperson (link to bio)
  • Professor Veronica Campbell - President (link to bio)
  • Ms Ruth Beadle - External Minister Appointment
  • Mr Jim Bergin - External Minister Appointment
  • Mr Mark Dunne - President SETUSU
  • Ms Sarah Clarke - Elected Professional, Management & Support staff
  • Mr Claus Derenda – Elected Academic staff
  • Dr Kathleen Moore Walsh – Elected Academic staff
  • Dr David Dempsey - External Nominee 
  • Ms Louise Grubb - External Nominee
  • Professor Marie-Christine Ho Ba Tho - External Nominee
  • Ms Pauline Oakes - External Nominee
  • Mr Richard Lacey - Elected Academic staff
  • Mr Ray Ryan - Elected All Staff 
  • Ms Cynthia Ní Mhurchú - External Nominee
  • Mr Kevin Lewis - External Nominee
  • Ms Eileen Curtis - External Nominee 
  • Ms Adele Mahon - SETUSU Nominee
  • Ms Milena Lescova - SETUSU Nominee

South East Technological University (SETU) was established by Ministerial Order under Section 36 of the Technological Universities Act 2018 (“TU Act”), (Number 3 of 2018), on the appointed day of 1 May 2022. SETU is Ireland’s fifth Technological University and has a Governing Body, which is the authority established by law to govern the Technological University. The membership of the Governing Body is outlined in the relevant legislation and the Governing Body operates in accordance with the functions set out in legislation.

Technological Universities Act 2018

Higher Education Authority Act 2022

SETU Statutory Instrument 2022