Incoming media queries that ask for a comment from the university on a matter should be re-directed to the Marketing & Communications office. The Communications & PR Executive is best equipped to respond.

Press releases are best issued to media on behalf of the university by a PR professional. Please see details on the process on our public relations section.

Developing expertise

Would you like to promote your research area, course, or expertise by being a go-to interviewee for journalists and producers? What is your area of expertise? How you would like to contribute? Let us help you.

Have you been approached by a journalist for interview?

Academic staff

If you know the area, you will be at an advantage. Good preparation includes having some notes or key phrases or points you want to get across to hand.

Non-academic staff

Ask if this is something you have the authority to talk about on behalf of the Institute.

You're welcome to contact Communications & PR Executive, Claire Quinn for any advice.

Interview location

Newspaper/online print interviews are often by phone.

Radio interviews can be by phone and in studio.

If asked to go into studio please oblige if at all possible as the sound will be much better

If asked to do a phone interview, make sure you are somewhere with no background noise and that you have a good signal if you're on your mobile

Ask if it is live or pre-recorded and how long you're needed for

Television interview/video may be in studio or the camera crew and interview may arrive on campus.

For on-campus interviews remember to book parking, see if a room needs to be booked and book it through Estates, inform your contact that insurance details are required, and find out what parts of the campus they would like to shoot.

Correct titles

Give your job title in an email to your contact, make sure to add it in if you have a title such as Dr or Professor. It can be good to include a line on what you lecture in, or what your specialist area is, or what course you lecture on.

Remember the correct title of the university you work for is South East Technological University If you are referring to a research centre or group or internal function not well known by its acronym, make sure and explain what the acronym is.

Subject matter

If you're being interviewed about your area of knowledge be comforted that you know this inside out especially if it's your research area, you have done a PhD in it or you lecture it regularly.

Write up some notes and condense them to a few lines you can keep in the palm of your hand so you have some stock phrases or facts and figures to glance at if you need them. Make sure you can read your own writing!

Media training

Are you interested in contributing your voice, opinion, research and knowledge to national and local media, but unsure of how to deal with the media? Please let us know and we will keep you up to date on training opportunities.

If you're asked for a photograph of yourself by a journalist and you don't have a suitable one on file or the newspaper isn't sending a photographer, please contact Educational Services to see if a college photographer is free to take a photograph.

It's good to have ones on file that are both portrait and landscape and not too much of a tight crop or head and shoulders shot.

Campus images

We have a range of photos available. Please email [email protected] to request up-to-date imagery.

Notice for film/tv companies

If you wish to film on campus please contact the Marketing Office with details of proposed filming dates, desired locations, and an insurance letter. Email [email protected] and [email protected]

When external groups wish to use SETU Waterford facilities, they must provide a letter from their insurance company confirming that their public liability cover will be extended to indemnify the Institute in respect of liability arising from or in connection with use of the said facilities for the period stated (dates and times must be included). The limit of indemnity should be at least €6.35 million.

If you have arranged to meet a journalist on campus, please arrange parking for them beforehand. Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance by emailing [email protected]. You will require date, time, names of people travelling in the car and the car registration plate.

Media coverage

Have you contributed to the media recently? Send a link to Claire Quinn and we can share on social media and possibly re-post on our website.