As an outwardly facing, engaged and rapidly growing organisation, SETU boasts local, regional, national and global partnerships, and we lead in knowledge creation and application, enterprise support and socio-economic development. This, coupled with our focus on practice based, real life learning and educating for sustainability, means that we regularly host events from individual guest speakers to major conferences.

Some sample events are listed below indicating the minimum advance notice requirements, but the earlier that you register your event, the more support will be available.

  • Individual guest speaker addressing a class group, one off stand in the CSB: 1-week advance notice minimum
  • Small meeting, presentation or workshop, weekend sport activity: 2-4 weeks advance notice minimum
  • Large meeting, corporate or community event, exhibition or show, panel visit, programme launch, international day: 4-6 weeks advance notice minimum
  • Major conference or event such as Eureka festival, environ, open day: 4-6 months advance notice minimum

Event Approval Process

All events must be pre-approved. Once the form below is submitted, it will automatically be sent to the Head of Department/Function for approval or rejection. The form is then forwarded to the Estates Department for final approval. Once approved, the Estates Department will be in touch to offer support for the event and contact the Communications and Web Department for promotion. If rejected, the Head of Department/Function or the Estate Department will be in touch to discuss alternative arrangements.